Madhubani Art Collection

Madhubani NFTs Art Collection

The Madhubani NFTs Collection comprises of 10000 unique NFTs that highlight the rich cultural heritage of Madhubani, in India. This vibrant collection pays tribute to traditional Indian practice and revives it in the form of digital art.

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Madhubani NFTs art collection

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Standard Mint Price: 1 ~ 2500 NFTs @ 5 Matic, 2501 ~ 5000 NFTs @ 30 Matic and 5000 ~ 10000 NFTs @ 60 Matic

ART CLUB NFT PASS holders(#1 to #82 only) can mint up to 2 NFTs for free. For the sake of transparency and to avoid any doubt, we want to inform our users that free NFTs is only available for limited members who have held an ART CLUB NFT pass on 01.01.2023

If you’re a whitelisted member, an O.G. member or a raffle winner, you can claim 2 NFTs for free.

*Free NFT minting is available to limited members only.
Become a Part of India's Art Heritage
India’s art and culture is among the most ancient and diverse in the world. Our collection celebrates traditional art forms from India’s culture, brought to you in a new way through Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

About Madhubani Art

Madhubani art is an important and significant subset of Indian miniature painting, from the Mithila region of Bihar. The Madhubani paintings were made using natural pigments derived from plants and minerals such as turmeric, indigo, or natural earth pigments like ochre that are mined locally. The paintings depict Hindu deities, motifs and stories, saints and heroes of India’s epics and literature.

The paintings are known for their highly ornate patterns created through intricate brush strokes. Over time, these paintings were adapted to freehand pen drawings, used as mementos on ceremonial occasions such as marriage and childbirth or commissioned by patrons or wealthy individuals as decorative pieces

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Our Vision

We believe that art is an essential component of human culture and civilization. Art is what allows us to express our emotions and tell stories in a way that can be appreciated by people across the world, regardless of their language or background. Madhubani NFTs Art Collection is our way of paying tribute to traditional Indian art forms. We hope that these NFTs will help spread awareness about this spectacular art form and its rich history.

Features and benefits

  • 10000 unique NFTs with High-Quality images.
  • Exclusive price for whitelisted wallets.
  • NFT holders will get early access to future projects


The NFTs in this collection supports ERC721 contract are compatible with 3rd party marketplace platforms such as Open Sea

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Contract & Roadmap

Whitelist(Phase 1)


Minimum wallet balance: 5 Matic (< 0.01ETH), Twitter follow and share

Validation is done through Discord Channel

NFT Reveal(Phase 2)

Quantity: 2000

Price: 5 Matic + Gas Fee
(< 0.01ETH),
2 NFTs per wallet

Mint available for whitelisted wallets only

Pre Sale

Quantity: 2500

Price: 30 Matic + Gas Fee
(~ 0.03ETH),
5 NFTs per wallet

Mint available for whitelisted wallets only

Public Sale

Quantity: 5000

Price: 60 Matic + Gas Fee
(~ 0.05ETH),
No limits per wallet

Mint available for public sale

How to get your wallet whitelisted?

Join our discord server. 

Select #wallet-submission channel and follow the instructions. Minting will be enabled once the whitelisting process is complete.